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Crystal Message Cards

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Crystal Message Cards

Valencia Chan

€ 25,95

Krijg helderheid en begeleiding met kristalenergie. Deze kaarten onthullen boodschappen die je helpen bij persoonlijke groei.

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Design and Artwork

The Crystal Message Cards by Valencia Chan are a unique 70-card deck designed to deepen your connection with the crystal kingdom. Each card features a vivid photograph of a crystal, accompanied by a detailed description of its properties and a powerful affirmation. This deck is an artistic celebration of crystals, ranging from Amazonite to Zebra Stone, capturing their essence and offering insights into their spiritual benefits.

Symbolism and Themes

Valencia Chan's deck is more than just a collection of beautiful images; it's a tool for spiritual guidance and self-reflection. The cards encourage users to explore the wisdom of crystals and how they can influence our lives. With each card, users receive insights and affirmations that resonate with their personal journey, making this deck an invaluable asset for anyone interested in crystal healing and divination.

User Experience

These cards are designed for daily inspiration and mindfulness. Users can draw a single card for a daily crystal message or use the deck for more comprehensive oracle readings. The sturdy packaging, a notable upgrade from the original release, ensures the longevity of the deck. The combination of Valencia Chan's insightful words and the visual appeal of the crystals makes the Crystal Message Cards a harmonious and synchronistic tool for both beginners and seasoned practitioners of crystal divination.

About the Creator

Valencia Chan, the creator of the Crystal Message Cards, is a renowned figure in the spiritual and metaphysical community. Since 1989, she has owned and operated Angel Light Books and Gifts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her extensive experience in giving readings, teaching classes on astrology, tarot, crystals, and chakras, and her deep knowledge of crystals, accumulated over more than 30 years, have culminated in the creation of this unique deck. Her commitment to sharing the language of the stones is evident in every aspect of these cards.

  • Artistic Approach: Photographic depiction of crystals
  • Key Features: Detailed descriptions, affirmations for each crystal
  • Target Audience: Crystal enthusiasts, spiritual seekers
  • Special Features: 70-card deck, sturdy packaging
  • Creator Background: Owner of Angel Light Books, experienced in crystal divination and spiritual teachings


Auteur Valencia Chan
ISBN 9781646710416
Taal undefined
Uitgeverij undefined
SKU 0641-CMC71


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