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Dragon Tarot

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Dragon Tarot - Anne Stokes - Box

Anne Stokes

€ 26,95

Ontdek de kracht van draken met de Dragon Tarot. Prachtige illustraties en een gids bieden diepe inzichten voor zowel beginners als ervaren lezers.

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Design and Artwork

The Dragon Tarot by Anne Stokes brings the mythical power of dragons into the world of tarot. This 78-card deck, measuring 60 x 110 mm, is illustrated by the renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Each card is faithful to the fantastic tradition, embodying the pure and powerful force of dragons that can create and destroy worlds with every shuffle and reading. The deck includes multilingual instructions provided by Fournier publishing house.

Symbolism and Themes

Dragons, as guardians of the magical soul of the world, are central to this deck's symbolism. Each card in the Dragon Tarot is infused with the mythical energy and lore of dragons, offering profound insights and guidance. The deck transforms traditional tarot archetypes into a fantastical narrative where dragons reign supreme, making it a unique tool for divination and introspection.

User Experience

Designed for both beginners and experienced tarot readers, the Dragon Tarot offers a rich and immersive experience. The 78 beautifully illustrated cards, combined with the multilingual instructions, provide deep insights and guidance. The compact size and high-quality printing make the deck durable and easy to handle, perfect for both personal use and professional readings.

About the Author

Anne Stokes is a renowned fantasy artist whose work first appeared in role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Originally from London, she developed an interest in the fantasy genre when her father read *The Hobbit* to her as a child. Since 2000, Anne has been a professional artist, illustrating for Wizards of the Coast and contributing to numerous Dungeons & Dragons editions. Her artwork includes album covers for bands like One Minute Silence and Sirenia. Anne Stokes currently resides in Yorkshire, England.

  • 78 cards, 60 x 110 mm
  • Multilingual instructions (excluding Italian)
  • Illustrated by Anne Stokes
  • ISBN: 9780738778716
  • Item weight: 140 g
  • Dimensions: 60 x 110 mm


Uitgeverij Fournier
Taal Meertalig
Auteur Anne Stokes
SKU 0124-FOU21


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