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Dream Oracle Cards

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Dream Oracle Cards

Kelly Sullivan Walden

€ 25,95

Dream Oracle Cards, tweede editie, door Kelly Sullivan Walden met kunst van Rassouli, verkent droomsymbolen voor diepe interpretatie en begeleiding.

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Design and Artwork

The Dream Oracle Cards by Kelly Sullivan Walden and artist Rassouli bring a visually stunning exploration of dream symbols and archetypes. This second edition features beautifully crafted cards, each illuminated by Rassouli's renowned Fusionart, providing a timeless perspective that highlights the divine light within each symbol.

Symbolism and Themes

With 53 cards, the deck dives into the most common modern dream symbols, offering messages, meanings, and mantras for each. The 136-page guidebook enhances understanding, making these cards invaluable for both novices and experienced dream interpreters.

User Experience

Designed for the awakening dreamer, these cards serve as a bridge between the dreaming and conscious minds, offering inspiration and guidance. The set includes diverse spreads like the Medicine Wheel for deep healing, catering to all levels of dream recall and interpretation.

About the Author

Kelly Sullivan Walden, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, infuses her passion for dreamwork into these cards. Known as “Doctor Dream,” Kelly aims to awaken people to their magnificence, enabling them to manifest their dream lives through the wisdom of their subconscious.

  • Explores 53 dream symbols and archetypes
  • Includes a 136-page illustrated guidebook
  • Features artwork by Fusionartist Rassouli
  • Offers diverse spreads for interpretation and guidance
  • Created by dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden


Auteur Kelly Sullivan Walden
ISBN 9781572819344
Uitgeverij Us Games System
Taal undefined
SKU 2012-DOC53


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