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French Cartomancy

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French Cartomancy

Lo Scarabeo

€ 14,95

French Cartomancy is een traditioneel kaartleessysteem dat een uniek deck van 32 kaarten gebruikt. Met zijn rijke geschiedenis en nauwkeurigheid biedt het een krachtig instrument voor waarzeggerij en zelfontdekking.

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Design and Artwork

French Cartomancy by Lo Scarabeo presents an elegant set of 36 cards, each measuring 60x100 mm. The deck reflects the classic and timeless art style characteristic of traditional French cartomancy. Its design is both simple and profound, offering a direct yet visually appealing approach to card reading.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck is steeped in the rich tradition of French cartomancy, known for its straightforward symbolism and clear meanings. Each card in the French Cartomancy deck is a gateway to understanding everyday situations and offers insights into personal relationships and life decisions. It’s particularly suited for those seeking practical guidance and clarity.

User Experience

With a multilingual instruction booklet included, this deck caters to a wide audience, making it accessible regardless of language barriers. The cards are designed for easy handling and shuffling, providing a comfortable and intuitive reading experience for both beginners and experienced readers.

About the Author

Lo Scarabeo, renowned for their wide range of tarot and oracle decks, brings their expertise to the creation of the French Cartomancy deck. Their commitment to preserving traditional divination practices while making them accessible to a modern audience is evident in this beautifully crafted deck.

Key Features

  • 36 elegantly designed cards
  • Size: 60x100 mm
  • Includes a multilingual guide for easy understanding
  • Inspired by traditional French cartomancy
  • Ideal for practical guidance and everyday insights


Auteur Lo Scarabeo
ISBN 9788883954757
Uitgeverij undefined
Taal undefined
SKU 2029-EX106


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