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Gjallarhorn: A Norse Oracle Deck

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Gjallarhorn A Norse Oracle Deck - Jillian Kristina - Matt Hughes - Packshot

Matt Hughes

€ 35,00

Gjallarhorn: A Norse Oracle Deck biedt 62 kaarten met goudaccenten en een gids. Het combineert Noorse runen, godheden en zegels voor diepgaand inzicht.

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Design and Artwork

Created by Jillian Kristina with art by Matt Hughes, Gjallarhorn: A Norse Oracle Deck is a dynamic tool for divination, reflecting the mystical energy of Norse mythology. The deck consists of 62 beautifully crafted cards, each featuring gold foil detailing and divided into three categories: runes, deities, and sigils, allowing for varied and comprehensive readings.

Symbolism and Themes

Each card in the deck serves as a conduit for ancient wisdom, encouraging users to explore themes of legacy, power, and mystery. The cards are designed to work individually or in combination, offering users the flexibility to draw upon the energies of runes, gods, or magical sigils as guides for daily life or complex decision-making.

User Experience

The 80-page hardcover guidebook included with the deck provides an in-depth look at the mythology behind each card alongside divinatory meanings, balancing scholarly detail with practical insights. This makes the deck suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners interested in Norse culture and esoteric traditions.

About the Artist

Matt Hughes, renowned for his Gothic Art Nouveau style, has his works featured globally. Known for blending romantic and dark themes, his art deepens the deck's connection to Norse mythology, spirituality, and the exploration of human nature.

  • Weight: 612 grams
  • ISBN: 9781646711680
  • Language: English
  • Card Dimensions: 89mm x 127mm; Box Dimensions: 125mm x 155mm

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Customer Reviews

Enthusiasts of Norse mythology appreciate the deck's versatility and the magical ambiance provided by the gold foil details. Reviewers praise the deck's ability to offer insightful readings through its unique separation into runes, deities, and sigils, enhancing engagement with Norse lore.


Auteur Matt Hughes
ISBN 9781646711680
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Us Games System
SKU 1796-GJA62


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