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Herbs & Plants Lenormand Oracle

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Herbs & Plants Lenormand Oracle

Floreana Nativo

€ 21,95

Dit Lenormand orakel brengt de genezende kracht van kruiden en planten samen met de klassieke Lenormand-symboliek. Het is een tool voor zowel divinatie als voor het vergroten van kennis over natuurlijke remedies.

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Design and Artwork

The Herbs & Plants Lenormand Oracle, created by Floreana Nativo with artwork by Valeria Casale, offers a unique blend of Lenormand Oracle archetypes with a botanical theme. Each of the 36 cards, sized at 88x125 mm for comfortable handling and shuffling, is adorned with illustrations that capture the essence and energy of herbs and plants from around the world, providing new and diverse interpretations.

Symbolism and Themes

Casale's artwork in the Herbs & Plants Lenormand deck brings each plant's unique properties and energies to life. The botanical theme enriches the classic Lenormand symbols, offering fresh perspectives and deeper connections to the natural world. This deck encourages users to explore the interconnectedness of nature and intuition in their readings.

User Experience

Designed for both seasoned readers and beginners, the Herbs & Plants Lenormand cards are user-friendly and come with instructions in multiple languages, catering to a global audience. The deck’s botanical theme resonates particularly with nature lovers, herbalists, and anyone seeking to harness the energy of the natural world in their divinatory practices.

About the Author

Floreana Nativo, the creator of the Herbs & Plants Lenormand, collaborates with artist Valeria Casale to bring this unique deck to life. Nativo's vision of combining traditional Lenormand Oracle elements with a rich botanical theme is expertly realized through Casale's vivid and detailed illustrations, making this deck a distinctive and valuable tool for divination.

  • Botanical-themed Lenormand Oracle deck by Floreana Nativo.
  • Artwork by Valeria Casale, showcasing herbs and plants.
  • 36 cards measuring 88x125 mm, ideal for shuffling and handling.
  • User-friendly with multilingual instructions.
  • Ideal for nature enthusiasts and herbalists.

Order your Herbs & Plants Lenormand cards today to experience the beauty and wisdom of Mother Nature in your divination practices. This unique and beautifully illustrated deck is a must-have for those seeking a fresh perspective on Lenormand readings and a connection to the natural world.


Auteur Floreana Nativo
ISBN 9788865278505
Taal undefined
Uitgeverij Lo Scarabeo
SKU 0905-OR58


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