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Hip Chick Tarot

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Hip Chick Tarot

Maria Strom

€ 39,95 € 33,25

Hip Chick Tarot van Maria Strom is een leuke en funky tarotdeck dat een frisse en moderne interpretatie van de traditionele tarot biedt, perfect voor mensen die op zoek zijn naar een unieke en empowerende ervaring.

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Design and Artwork

The Hip Chick Tarot by Maria Strom is a vibrant and modern tarot deck, featuring 78 hand-painted cards that celebrate the strength and diversity of women. Each card is boldly colored and depicts women in various aspects of life, embodying empowerment and wisdom. The deck reimagines traditional tarot suits as Create (Wands), Feel (Cups), Think (Swords), and Earth (Pentacles), offering a fresh and accessible perspective.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck centers around female empowerment, spiritual growth, and personal authenticity. The images and symbols on the cards are modern and relatable, reflecting everyday challenges and divine pursuits from a female perspective. The deck encourages users to embrace their individuality and make decisions aligned with their soul's purpose, challenging societal expectations.

User Experience

Hip Chick Tarot is designed to be fun, accessible, and easy to understand. The companion guide offers quick-and-easy meanings of the cards, making the deck suitable for both beginners and experienced tarot readers. The focus on modern imagery and symbols allows users to easily apply the insights to their own lives, providing guidance and support in a contemporary context.

About the Author

Maria Strom brings a unique and empowering vision to the world of tarot. Her creation of the Hip Chick Tarot reflects her commitment to showcasing the strength and wisdom of women from diverse backgrounds. Strom's approach makes tarot accessible and relevant, encouraging users to embrace their power and authenticity in today's world.

  • 78 card tarot deck with hand-painted, boldly colored designs
  • Focused on female empowerment and diverse perspectives
  • Modern symbols for easy interpretation and relevance to contemporary life
  • Encourages spiritual growth, creativity, and authentic decision-making


ISBN 9780764354922
Auteur Maria Strom
ISBN 9780764354922
Uitgeverij undefined
Taal undefined
SKU 2162-FA10


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