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Inspirational Wicca oracle

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Inspirational Wicca oracle

Davide Marré

€ 36,50

Breng de magie van Wicca in je leven met de inspirerende en krachtige Inspirational Wicca Oracle Cards.

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Design and Artwork

Gonzalo M. Moreno's artwork in the Inspirational Wicca Oracle masterfully captures the essence of Wicca. By blending elements of light, shadow, movement, and stillness, Moreno provides a visually stimulating experience that deeply resonates with the deck's spiritual theme.

Symbolism and Themes

The Inspirational Wicca Oracle deck, with its 36 captivating cards, is a gateway to Wiccan spirituality and magic. Each card is a fusion of symbolic imagery that offers profound insights into the enchanting world of Wicca.

User Experience

This oracle deck, inclusive for both beginners and seasoned readers, promises a journey towards spiritual growth and magical enlightenment. The inclusion of a 192-page, full-color book in the deck provides a comprehensive understanding of each card's significance.

About the Author

Davide Marrè, an esteemed Wiccan expert from Italy, brings his deep knowledge of Wiccan traditions and practices to this deck. His collaboration with Gonzalo Martinez Moreno, renowned for his potent and evocative illustrations, results in a unique and powerful oracle deck.

Key Features

  • Card Details: 36 cards, each measuring 78x120 mm, adorned with distinct, captivating illustrations.
  • Accompanying Book: A 192-page, full-color guidebook offering detailed insights and interpretations.
  • Language: Multilingual edition, catering to a diverse audience globally.


Auteur Davide Marré
ISBN 9788865278482
Taal undefined
Uitgeverij undefined
SKU 0776-ORK03


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