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Jacques Vieville Tarot Deck

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Jacques Vieville Tarot Deck

Jacques Vieville

€ 65,00

Ervaar de tarot door de ogen van Jacques Vieville, met dit historisch geïnspireerde deck dat zijn 17e-eeuwse roots eer aan doet.

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Design and Artwork

The Jacques Vieville Tarot Deck, dating back to 1650 Paris, is a historic tarot deck that has been digitally restored to preserve its unique character. Krisztina Kondor and William Rader referenced the only known copy of this deck, preserved in the National Library of France, to create faithful reproductions of each card. The deck comes with a companion booklet detailing each card's historical and tarot practice significance.

Restoration Process

The restoration involved meticulously redrawing and recoloring the images to enhance clarity and consistency. Efforts were made to reveal hidden details and correct misaligned coloring, using a consistent color palette throughout. The objective was to refine the deck for modern readers, maintaining its original elegance and charm.

Historical Information

The Jacques Vieville Tarot Deck is notable for its unique characteristics, including mirrored images compared to contemporary decks, varied artistic styles, and the separate addition of numerals and text. The original production conditions, requiring quick work under strict environments, contributed to its distinct appearance.

Additional Information

This restored deck is not just a historical artifact but a refined tool for modern tarot enthusiasts, blending the deck's historical significance with contemporary aesthetics and manufacturing advances.

  • Deck Type: Historic Tarot
  • Number of Cards: Standard 78-Card Tarot Deck
  • Material: Premium 310gsm Card Stock with Linen Finish
  • Dimensions: Standard Tarot Size (2.75″ x 4.75″)
  • Packaging: Sturdy, Elegant Tuck Box with Card Back Design
  • Restoration: Enhanced Clarity, Consistency, and Color Correction
  • Printed: In the USA


Auteur Jacques Vieville
ISBN 9780880792714
Taal undefined
Uitgeverij undefined
SKU 1433-ART03


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