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Journey of a Lonely Soul

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Journy of a Lonely Soul - Box

โ‚ฌ 21,95

Journey of a Lonely Soul is een introspectieve kaartenset door Charles Harrington met kunst van Anna Majboroda. De 32 kaarten begeleiden je door een eenzame, melancholische reis van zelfontdekking en schaduwwerk, waarbij je je donkere kant accepteert en integreert voor persoonlijke groei.

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Design and Artwork

Journey of a Lonely Soul, created by Charles Harrington with art by Anna Majboroda, includes 32 cards sized 88x125 mm. The artwork enhances the theme of introspection and shadow work. It captures the bittersweet and melancholic essence of the journey.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck leads you through a journey of the soul, filled with melancholy and doubts. It encourages shadow work by connecting with your "dark side." You learn to accept and integrate it with the guidance of your higher self. Although the journey is solitary and dark, it promises transformation and growth.

User Experience

Journey of a Lonely Soul provides a unique and reflective experience. The 32 cards come with instructions in a multilingual edition. This makes it accessible to a diverse audience. Furthermore, the compact size allows for easy handling and use, whether you are a beginner or experienced in shadow work.

About the Artist

Anna Majboroda, born in 1972, is a traditional painter turned digital artist. She now resides in a secluded mountainous valley. Dissatisfied with the aesthetics of reality, she creates her own world through art. Majboroda values the flexibility of digital art, which allows for easy correction of mistakes. Her goal is to fill her cave with vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunks and live in a self-created "Disneyland."

  • 32 evocative cards
  • Card size: 88x125 mm
  • Includes instructions
  • Multilingual edition
  • ISBN: 9788865277621


ISBN 9788865277621
Auteur Anna Majboroda
Taal Meertalig
Uitgeverij Lo Scarabeo
SKU 0892-OR55


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