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Lenormand Oracle Cards

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Lenormand Oracle Cards

Lo Scarabeo

€ 14,95

Dit Lenormand deck brengt helderheid en directheid, perfect voor specifieke vragen en concrete antwoorden.

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Design and Artwork

The Lenormand Oracle Cards are a faithful reproduction of the deck printed in Paris in 1890, designed by Napoleon's cartomant. This deck, comprising 36 evocative symbols, captivates users with its historical charm and artistic quality. Its rich, classic imagery resonates with the tradition of Marie Anne Lenormand, Napoleon Bonaparte's renowned card reader.

Symbolism and Themes

Each card in the Lenormand Oracle deck carries a unique symbolism, offering straightforward and poignant insights. The deck's traditional imagery encourages self-understanding and insight, rooted in a historical context that enhances its divinatory power. The symbols are designed to be intuitive, making the deck suitable for both beginners and experienced readers alike.

User Experience

Users find the Lenormand Oracle Cards to be different yet accessible compared to traditional tarot or playing card readings. The deck’s simplicity in design offers straightforward meanings and combinations, suitable for various types of readings including spiritual and communicative purposes. The accompanying booklet, available in multiple languages, offers guidance on card meanings, both upright and reversed, and position-specific interpretations.

About the Author

Lo Scarabeo, the creator of the Lenormand Oracle Cards, is renowned for producing original and high-quality tarot decks. Known for collaborating with the best Italian and international artists, Lo Scarabeo decks are not just tools for divination but are also valued as exceptional pieces of art, making them favorites among collectors and readers around the world.

  • 36-card oracle deck inspired by the historical Lenormand tradition.
  • Artwork captures the essence of 19th-century cartomancy practices.
  • Deck designed for clarity in divination, suitable for various reading styles.
  • Produced by Lo Scarabeo, known for artistic and original tarot decks.
  • Ideal for those interested in historical divination practices and intuitive readings.


Auteur Lo Scarabeo
ISBN 9788883953217
Uitgeverij Lo Scarabeo
Taal undefined
SKU 0665-EX73


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