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Lenormand de Paris

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Lenormand Paris - Clarissa Shanahan - Packshot

Clarissa Shanahan

€ 24,95

Ervaar symbolische waarzeggerij door Parijs met de Lenormand de Paris. Deze stijlvolle set met 38 prachtig geïllustreerde kaarten en een 140-pagina’s tellend gidsboek combineert 18e-eeuwse cartomantie met Parijse charme.

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Design and Artwork

The Lenormand de Paris deck by Clarissa Shanahan is a stylish guide to symbolic divination through the enchanting streets of Paris. This deck is a captivating fusion of the timeless 18th-century cartomancy tradition and the iconic imagery of Paris. Each of the 38 cards, measuring 70 mm x 120 mm, showcases symbols rich in meaning, interweaving the essence of divination and art. The box measures 80 mm x 130 mm, providing a compact and elegant storage solution.

Symbolism and Themes

Drawing on the Lenormand tradition, this deck connects the threads of past and present, combining divination and art. The symbols on each card hold deep meanings and tell stories that will spark your intuition and awaken your inner oracle. The romantic city of Paris serves as the perfect backdrop, enhancing the mystical experience with its timeless charm and beauty.

User Experience

Whether you are a seasoned cartomancer or a curious seeker, the Lenormand de Paris deck offers layers of symbolism that provide a profound and intuitive divination experience. The included 140-page guidebook further enriches your journey, offering detailed interpretations and insights into each card.

About the Author

Clarissa Shanahan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Originally from New York, she also studied painting at the New York Academy of Art. With over 25 years of tarot practice, Clarissa believes that answers come to us when we need them, from any source we are open to.

  • 38 cards (70 mm x 120 mm)
  • Elegant and compact box (80 mm x 130 mm)
  • Fusion of 18th-century cartomancy and Parisian imagery
  • Includes a 140-page guidebook
  • ISBN: 9781646712083
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced cartomancers


Uitgeverij AGM-Urania
Auteur Clarissa Shanahan
SKU 0143-SDS1099


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