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Lightbringers of the North

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Lightbringers of the North

Perttu Hakkinen

€ 35,00

Dit deck eert de wijsheid van de Noordse culturen en hun lichtbrengende godheden.

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Historical Context and Significance

"Lightbringers of the North" by Perttu Häkkinen offers an in-depth exploration into the rich and complex history of Finnish occultism. The book delves into Finland's unique cultural identity, described as a land of sorcerers and shamans, and examines its influence on modern esotericism.

Key Figures and Movements

The authors introduce pivotal figures in Finnish occult history, such as Pekka Ervast, the 'Rudolf Steiner of the North', and Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa, alongside groups like Ruusu-Risti and the disciples of G. I. Gurdjeff. The book also covers darker aspects, including the cult of Tattarisuo and figures like Yrjö von Grönhagen, who had ties with Heinrich Himmler.

Nationalism and Esotericism

Häkkinen and litti investigate the intertwining of nationalism and esotericism in Finland, revealing how Finnish occultism has contributed to shaping national identity and influenced Western civilization's perception.

Parapsychology and Secret Societies

The authors delve into Finland's parapsychology history, the UFO phenomenon, and the evolution of Freemasonry and other secret societies. These narratives highlight Finland's role in global esotericism and secret societies.

Authors' Perspective

Perttu Häkkinen and Vesa Iitti provide a well-written, insightful, and occasionally darkly humorous perspective, offering readers a pioneering look into the Finnish occult world. Their approach allows for a balanced view of both the light and dark sides of Finnish esotericism.

Key Features

  • Detailed exploration of Finnish occultism from the 19th century to present
  • Profiles of significant figures and groups in Finnish occult history
  • Examination of the relationship between Finnish nationalism and esotericism
  • Insights into Finland's parapsychology, UFO craze, and secret societies
  • Unique perspective on Finland's role in global occult movements


Auteur Perttu Hakkinen
ISBN 9781644114636
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Inner Traditions • Bear & Company
SKU 1011-DB431


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