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Maidens of the Wheel

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Maidens of the Wheel - Tammy Wampler - Packshot1

Tammy Wampler

€ 33,95

Maidens of the Wheel door Tammy Wampler verbindt je met kosmische ritmes via 45 kaarten. Ontdek harmonie en persoonlijke kracht.

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The "Maidens of the Wheel" oracle deck by Tammy Wampler invites you on a journey through the cosmos, aligning you with sacred rhythms and ancient wisdom. Known across various cultures and epochs, these elemental beings embody inspiration and offer guidance for harnessing the cycles of life.

Product Details

This deck includes 45 beautifully illustrated cards, each measuring 92mm x 139mm, housed in a box measuring 125mm x 170mm. The cards feature gilt edges, enhancing their mystical allure. The deck is designed to help users find their unshakable center and harmonize with life's inherent rhythms.

Specific Dimensions

The deck consists of 45 cards, each card measuring approximately 92mm x 139mm. The storage box measures approximately 125mm x 170mm, providing a compact and elegant packaging solution.

Guidance and Inspiration

"When we are unaware of the energies and cycles at play, they can feel chaotic. By reorienting with them, they can become inspiring, empowering, grounding, and profoundly healing," explains Tammy Wampler. She encourages users to open themselves to the teachings of Goddess Earth, which promises profound connections and manifestations.

About the Author

Tammy Wampler is an artist with a rich background in archaeology, massage, reiki, and tarot reading, which enrich her art. Her works are featured in global collections and exhibit her mastery of Magic Realism, Art Nouveau, and Fantasy. Residing in Kentucky, USA, Tammy creates oracle decks that weave together shamanism, mysticism, and mythology to explore feminine strength and vulnerability.

  • Weight: 589 grams
  • ISBN: 9781646711796
  • Language: English
  • Card Dimensions: 92mm x 139mm
  • Box Dimensions: 125mm x 170mm

Discover more about Tammy and her work at tammywampler.artweb.com.


Auteur Tammy Wampler
ISBN 9780738778402
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Blue Angel Publishing
SKU 0112-MOW45


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