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Manifesting with the Fairies

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Manifesting with the Fairies

Karen Kay

€ 23,50

Manifesting with the Fairies’ is een orakelset met 44 kaarten, gemaakt door Karen Kay. Deze set, met illustraties van Jane Delaford Taylor, helpt bij het manifesteren van wensen met hulp van feeën.

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Design and Artwork

"Manifesting with the Fairies" is a captivating 44-card oracle deck, beautifully illustrated by Jane Delaford Taylor. Each card is a visual delight, showcasing the enchanting world of fairies and their magical abilities to grant wishes. The artwork complements the theme of manifestation, with vibrant and detailed images that evoke a sense of wonder and possibility.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck, authored by renowned fairy expert Karen Kay, focuses on the power of fairies as the Earth's original manifesters. It invites users to harness this power for their own desires, whether it's health, wealth, or happiness. Each card represents a specific fairy's ability to grant a wish, accompanied by affirmations and practical manifestation techniques, as detailed in the accompanying guidebook.

User Experience

The guidebook provides not only the meanings behind each card but also offers various layout ideas, from quick readings to more in-depth insights. This makes the deck versatile and suitable for both beginners and experienced oracle card users. The focus on affirmations and actionable steps for manifestation enhances the user's journey towards realizing their desires with the fairies' guidance.

About the Author

Karen Kay, a bestselling Hay House author, fairy, and mermaid whisperer, brings ancient wisdom from the elemental realms into our human experience. Her deep connection with nature and the elemental beings, stemming from childhood experiences, infuses her work with authenticity and passion. Karen's background as a fairy poet descendent and her extensive work in the spiritual community, including TV appearances and magazine contributions, highlight her expertise in this magical field.

  • 44-card oracle deck with fairy-themed artwork
  • Illustrations by Jane Delaford Taylor
  • Guidebook with meanings, affirmations, and layout ideas
  • Focuses on manifestation with the help of fairies
  • Ideal for those seeking guidance in manifestation and a deeper connection with the fairy realm


Auteur Karen Kay
ISBN 9781788179188
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Hay House Inc


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