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Maxine Gadd’s Zoologica: The Steampunk Oracle

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Maxine Gadd’s Zoologica: The Steampunk Oracle

Maxine Gadd

€ 26,95

Betreed de wereld van Zoologica en ontdek verborgen realiteiten. Deze prachtige kaarten bieden diepe inzichten en transformatieve kracht voor je spirituele reis.

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Design and Artwork

The Zoologica: The Steampunk Oracle, illustrated by Maxine Gadd, features 40 uniquely designed circular cards. Each card has pearlescent foil embellishments and rich-bronze painted edges, reflecting the intricate steampunk theme. The detailed artwork merges peculiar tales, alchemical insights, and unusual wisdoms, creating a visually stunning and meaningful deck.

Symbolism and Themes

This oracle deck transports users to the imaginative realm of Zoologica. Here, divinatory gadgets and looking-glass wonders reveal hidden realities. It encourages users to see the past, present, and future with clarity. The deck provides tools for accepting, refining, and reinventing pathways. Themes of alchemy, change, and self-created success are central, empowering users to shift the gears of possibility and further their spiritual journey.

User Experience

Zoologica is designed for divination, contemplation, and inspiration. The circular cards and intuitive readings invite users to dive deep into their questions, light up shadows, and transform understanding. The full-color guidebook offers complete insights and guidance. This enhances the overall experience, making each reading a profound self-exploration.

About the Author

Leela J. Williams grew up with a deep spiritual connection, inspired by her grandmother's intuitive abilities. Her fascination with the unseen led her to explore music, philosophy, and metaphysics. In 2000, Leela’s love for books and magic melded into her spiritual publishing career. She founded The Spirit Guide, published Spheres and Spellcraft magazines, and co-founded The Psychics Directory. Leela lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her four children.

About the Artist

Maxine Gadd showed her artistic talent from a young age. She studied Graphic Design and Fine Art. Influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic movements, Maxine's work is featured in several books and magazines. She has illustrated various projects, including cross-stitch patterns, jigsaw puzzles, and posters. Known for her lush, detailed style and imaginative themes, she is a sought-after artist in the fantasy art world.

  • 40 uniquely designed circular cards
  • 144-page full-colour guidebook
  • Pearlescent foil embellishments on top box and guidebook cover
  • Rich-bronze painted card edges
  • ISBN: 9781922573971
  • Themes of alchemy, transformation, and self-created success
  • Deep, intuitive guidance for spiritual exploration
  • Created by Leela J. Williams and illustrated by Maxine Gadd


Auteur Maxine Gadd
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Blue Angel Publishing
ISBN 9781922573971
SKU 1003-DB616


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