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Moonology; working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles

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Moonology; working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles

Yasmin Boland

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Overview and Content

Moonology; working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles by Yasmin Boland provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and harnessing the power of the Moon's cycles. This book, with over 100,000 copies sold and numerous five-star reviews, offers insights into how lunar cycles affect health, mood, relationships, and work. Boland, an internationally renowned astrologer, provides practical advice on working with each phase of the Moon and its significance in different zodiac signs.

Book Sections

  • Part I - Why The Moon is Magic
  • Part II - Create Your Dream Life with the New Moon
  • Part III - Working with the Magic of the Full Moon
  • Part IV - Live Consciously with the Daily Moon

User Experience

Readers have found Moonology to be an essential resource, whether they are beginners in astrology and moon magic or experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. The book's approachable style makes it accessible for a wide audience, including healers and consultants. However, some readers have noted that the book's content, while informative, may not entirely live up to its hype and could benefit from more detailed astrological charts and explanations.

About the Author

Yasmin Boland, a Sunday Times bestselling author and award-winning astrologer, brings her extensive knowledge and experience to this book. With a background in journalism and TV production, Boland has dedicated nearly two decades to working with the Moon and astrology. Her work, available on yasminboland.com and various international publications, combines classical astrological concepts with modern interpretations.

Book Highlights

  • Insights into the 8 main phases of the Moon
  • Guidance on working with the Moon in each zodiac sign
  • Tips for utilizing lunar cycles in personal horoscopes
  • Affirmations, visualizations, and chants for lunar phases
  • Includes a guide to setting goals and enhancing personal growth

Reader Feedback

While many readers praise the book for its insightful content and practical applications, some critique it for not providing enough depth in astrological knowledge and for its occasional reliance on external resources like the author's website. However, its unique blend of astrology with various spiritual practices offers a diverse range of tools for personal development and manifestation.


Auteur Yasmin Boland
ISBN 9781781807422
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SKU 0425-GBS128


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