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Seawitch Tarot limited editon - box - Willow Whiteraven

Willow Whiteraven

€ 75,00

Ontdek de magie van de zee met de Sea Witch Tarot, ontworpen door Willow Whiteraven. 78 betoverende kaarten combineren spirituele symbolen en prachtige kunst.

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Design and Artwork

The Sea Witch Tarot by Willow Whiteraven features mystical sea and underworld themes, meticulously prepared and restored from antique decks. Each card is infused with the magic of the sea, offering a unique visual journey. Willow’s background in graphic design and digital art ensures a blend of traditional and modern techniques, making each card a masterpiece. The text on the cards is in French, enhancing the deck's mystique.

Symbolism and Themes

The Sea Witch Tarot combines symbols and icons from various eras, reflecting Willow’s deep connection to mystical and spiritual practices. The deck is rich with imagery from the sea and the underworld, creating an enchanting and immersive experience for users. Each card is a portal to explore the depths of intuition and spiritual wisdom.

User Experience

This deck offers an engaging and intuitive experience, suitable for both beginners and experienced tarot readers. The cards are designed to enhance the user’s spiritual journey, providing insights into karmic and soulmate relationships, self-worth, and confidence. The deck also includes a fold-out sheet written in English, providing additional guidance and interpretations. Willow’s detailed artistry and spiritual insights make this deck a valuable tool for personal growth.

About the Author

Willow Whiteraven, a versatile and spiritual artist, is the creator of the Sea Witch Tarot. Born with strong intuition and psychic abilities, she developed her talents as a psychic medium, spiritual advisor, and energy healer. Willow’s creative journey began as a graphic designer, and her passion for tarot emerged at a young age. Her spiritual practices, including Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, deeply influence her art and tarot creations. Willow focuses on enhancing women's self-worth and confidence through her workshops, books, and readings, using tarot and oracle cards, crystals, and totem animals.

Key Features

  • 78 mystical sea and underworld-themed tarot cards
  • Created by artist and psychic medium Willow Whiteraven
  • Combines traditional and modern artistic techniques
  • Infused with symbols from various spiritual traditions
  • Text on the cards in French
  • Fold-out sheet written in English
  • Provides insights into karmic and soulmate relationships


Taal Engels
Auteur Willow Whiteraven
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
SKU 1052-01


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