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Supra: The Hidden Path of an Oracle Book

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Supra: The Hidden Path of an Oracle Book


€ 49,95

Supra: Het Verborgen Pad van een Orakel, geschreven door Linnea Gits en geïllustreerd door Peter Dunham, bevat 144 pagina’s die je door elke kaart in het Supra-orakel leiden. Ontdek de mystieke geheimen terwijl je het verborgen pad volgt met Supra: Het Verborgen Pad van een Orakelboek.

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Design and Artwork

"Supra: The Hidden Path of an Oracle" is a 144-page book created by Linnea Gits with illustrations by Peter Dunham. The book measures 6" x 6" and is printed on premium, archival stock. It features black & white plates of each card, enhancing the depth and detail of the illustrations. The book is bound in a paperback format with a square spine and perfect binding, showcasing a full-color cover. The design incorporates three art papers in matte black, metallic gold, and opalescent white, which separate three original drawings in the book, adding a unique artistic touch to the guide.

About the Author and Illustrator

Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham, the creative duo behind Uusi Design Studio, have a rich background in art and design. Both grew up in Illinois, USA, and met in Chicago, where their artistic partnership began. They founded Uusi in 2010 with a focus on meaningful effort and discovery in life. Their journey in the Tarot world began with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and has expanded to include several other decks and oracles, earning them a global audience. In 2017, they moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, embracing a life closer to nature that aligns with their spiritual exploration.

Artistic Inspiration

The artistic process of Gits and Dunham is deeply intuitive, relying on color, form, and hand-drawn lines to connect emotionally and instinctively with the viewer. Their design philosophy is to create objects that are both useful and beautiful, embodying spirituality in everyday items. They draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including Celtic mysticism, renaissance illustrations, nature, Jungian psychology, science fiction, music, and contemporary art and design.

Personal Insights and Future Projects

Gits and Dunham shared their personal insights, reflecting on their childhoods and the importance of following one's heart. They also mentioned their upcoming projects, including a new playing card deck called "Republic" inspired by Finnish/Nordic folk art, and a special tarot project to be revealed in the summer.

  • Title: "Supra: The Hidden Path of an Oracle" by Linnea Gits
  • Illustrator: Peter Dunham
  • 144 pages with black & white plates of each card
  • Unique design elements with three art papers and original drawings
  • Creators' background in art and design with a focus on spiritual exploration
  • Inspiration drawn from various artistic and cultural influences
  • Upcoming projects including a new playing card deck and a tarot project


Auteur Uusi
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SKU 0308-953


Detailed and insightful accompaniment to the deck.

- Anonymous

Verliefd op het werk van uusi en werkt erg fijn, absolute aanrader.

- Freddie

Beautifully written, I love the poetical style of writing, and the depth of the messages

- Candice

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