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Sweet Blossom Lenormand

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Sweet Blossom Lenormand Box - Irene Captijn

Irene Captijn

€ 10,90

Beleef de lente met Sweet Blossom Lenormand – 36 prachtig geïllustreerde kaarten met zachte kleuren en bloeiende bloemen, inclusief een persoonlijke handgeschreven kaart van de auteur.

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Design and Artwork

Sweet Blossom Lenormand by Dutch artist Irene Captijn enchants with its light and soft color palette. Each of the 36 cards, along with 2 additional cards for same-sex readings, features blossoming flowers that evoke the promise of spring, offering hope and optimism for everyday challenges. The deck is published by AGM Urania and comes in a beautifully designed tuck box.

Symbolism and Themes

This Lenormand deck focuses on themes of renewal, hope, and optimism. The blossoming flowers symbolize new beginnings and positive energy, providing gentle guidance and reassurance through life's challenges. The detailed booklet included with the deck offers insights into the history and interpretation methods of Lenormand cards.

User Experience

Sweet Blossom Lenormand is designed for both beginners and experienced readers. The light, soft colors and floral themes make the cards easy to connect with. The additional cards for same-sex readings ensure inclusivity, making this deck accessible to a diverse audience. The personal handwritten card by the author adds a unique touch to each set.

About the Author

Irene Captijn, a nurse by profession, developed a passion for Lenormand cards during her recovery from a severe COVID-19 infection. Despite not considering herself an artistic person, Irene used artificial intelligence to create the images for her Lenormand decks. She encourages those who appreciate AI-created art to enjoy her cards and hopes they bring many beautiful readings.

  • 36 cards plus 2 additional cards for same-sex readings
  • Guidebook with around 65 pages
  • Dimensions: 89 x 57 mm
  • SKU: 4250375110170
  • Published by AGM Urania
  • Includes a personal handwritten card by the author


Uitgeverij AGM-Urania
Auteur Irene Captijn
Taal Engels
SKU 0136-KFU


Heel mooi, heel zacht van kleuren..
Jammer dat de medaillons ontbreken.

- Ste

Heel mooi , en zacht van kleuren .
Wel jammer dat de medaillons ontbreken .

- Ste

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