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Tarot Arnoux & Amphoux 1801

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Tarot Arnoux - packshot

€ 55,00

Gelimiteerde editie Tarot Arnoux & Amphoux 1801, Marseille. Slechts 1500 exemplaren met levendig, historisch belangrijk ontwerp.

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Design and Artwork

This Limited Edition facsimile tarot deck, a meticulous reproduction of one of the rarest Marseille tarot decks originally crafted by French master card makers Arnoux and Amphoux in 1801, is celebrated for its uncluttered graphics and vibrant colors. Remarkably preserved, the deck showcases a modern aspect, prefiguring the Cubism style that emerged a century later.

Symbolism and Themes

The Tarot Arnoux & Amphoux intertwines traditional tarot imagery with avant-garde expressions that hint at the evolution of artistic styles. The distinct symbology provides a unique lens through which both tarot enthusiasts and art historians can explore early 19th-century mysticism and artistry.

User Experience

With only 1500 copies issued, this collector's item includes 78 cards and two additional cards that offer insights into the historical context of this deck—one in French and one in English—enhancing the user’s understanding and experience.

About the Author

The creators, Arnoux and Amphoux, were notable figures in the early 1800s Marseille tarot scene. Their craftsmanship and artistic vision contributed significantly to the tarot's development, making this deck a valuable piece for collectors and practitioners alike.

  • Publisher: U.S. Games Systems
  • Weight: 453 grams
  • ISBN: 9781646711840
  • Language: EN, FR


ISBN 9781646711840
Uitgeverij Us Games System
Taal Engels
SKU 1451-TAA1801


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