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Tarot of Light and Shadow

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THe Tarot of Light and Shadow - John Matthews - Andrea Aste - Box

John Matthews

€ 34,95

Ontdek beide kanten van elke vraag met dit innovatieve dubbele Tarotdeck van John Matthews en Andrea Aste, met prachtige kunst en diepgaande inzichten.

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Design and Artwork

The Tarot of Light and Shadow by John Matthews and Andrea Aste is a beautifully illustrated double Tarot deck that allows readers to explore both sides of a question simultaneously. The deck features two sets of cards: the Shadow deck, which delves into the instinctive, inner world, and the Light deck, which reflects the rational, outer world. This innovative approach enables a comprehensive exploration of any issue, blending insights from both the subconscious and conscious mind.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck centers around the duality of light and shadow, helping users to understand and balance the inner and outer influences on their lives. Each card is designed to offer insights into both the hidden and known aspects of a question, guiding users through the complexities of their experiences. The two-deck system provides a multi-layered way of working with the Tarot, making it a unique tool for deepening one's understanding of personal and spiritual matters.

User Experience

The Tarot of Light and Shadow is suitable for both novice and experienced Tarot readers. The dual-deck approach allows for a more nuanced reading, offering a balanced view of the challenges and opportunities in any situation. The cards are designed to be used together, creating a holistic tool for personal growth and spiritual exploration. Each deck is sized at 127 x 56 x 174 mm, making them comfortable to handle and easy to work with.

About the Authors

John Matthews is a New York Times bestselling author known for his work on divinatory systems and ancient traditions. He has published over a hundred titles and worked in the film industry as a historical advisor. Andrea Aste is a multimedia artist, writer, and filmmaker whose work explores the relationship between time, space, and reality. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to this groundbreaking Tarot deck.

Key Features

  • 45 beautifully illustrated cards in two decks: Shadow and Light
  • Designed to explore both sides of a question simultaneously
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the inner and outer influences on any issue
  • Created by John Matthews and Andrea Aste
  • ISBN: 9781786784117
  • Item weight: 826 grams
  • Dimensions: 127 x 56 x 174 mm


ISBN 9781786784117
Uitgeverij Watkins
Auteur John Matthews
Taal Engels
SKU 1472-DB631


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