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The Angel Magic Oracle

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The Angel Magic Oracle - Tess Whitehurst - Box

Jessica von Braun

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Verwacht 14 juni. Verbind je met de engelen en ontvang diepgaande inzichten. Deze prachtige kaarten bieden begeleiding en energie voor je spirituele reis.

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Design and Artwork

The Angel Magic Oracle, created by Tess Whitehurst and illustrated by Jessica von Braun, features 56 beautifully designed cards with gold-painted edges, each measuring 92 x 139 mm. The deck is adorned with blue-foil embellishments on the box sides and back cover. The artwork blends traditional and digital techniques, resulting in a stunning visual experience that resonates with the celestial theme.

Symbolism and Themes

This oracle deck offers a direct link to the boundless support and insight of the angelic realms. It is designed to help users connect with the luminous presence of angels, providing wise and practical responses for both big and small questions. The cards invite users to welcome angelic energy, align with their guidance, and embrace their highest healing and purpose.

User Experience

The Angel Magic Oracle is designed for those seeking profound spiritual insights and practical guidance. The 144-page full-color guidebook, measuring 115 x 159 mm, provides comprehensive explanations and interpretations. The deck's elegant design, coupled with its user-friendly guidebook, makes each reading a deeply enriching experience.

About the Author

Tess Whitehurst has been fascinated by magic since childhood. She is an award-winning author and intuitive counselor, known for her friendly and accessible approach to ancient wisdom. Tess teaches magical and intuitive arts through her online community, The Good Vibe Tribe Online School of Magical Arts. She has written ten books, translated into eighteen languages, and her work has appeared in numerous publications. Tess lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her boyfriend and her cat.

About the Artist

Jessica von Braun is a mixed media artist with nearly two decades of professional experience. Her work combines traditional and digital techniques to create thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Jessica’s artistic journey is both personal and universal, using her skills and intuition to craft stories that resonate with viewers. She is passionate about exploring the potential of art in the digital age and expressing her creative vision through technology and tradition.

  • 56 beautifully designed cards with gold-painted edges (92 x 139 mm)
  • 144-page full-color guidebook (115 x 159 mm)
  • Blue-foil embellishments on box sides and back cover
  • ISBN: 9781922573933
  • Connects users with angelic guidance and support
  • Offers practical and profound spiritual insights
  • Created by Tess Whitehurst and illustrated by Jessica von Braun

Connecting with Angelic Realms

Angel magic is accessible to all who seek it. In this ethereal oracle, you have a direct link to the boundless support, insight, and blessings of the celestial realms. Hold the deck to your heart to align yourself with the luminous presence of the angels. Welcome their energy as you shuffle and choose your cards.

Guidance for Every Moment

The big questions and the small ones are received by the angels with love, so you always receive wise, relevant, and practical responses in accord with your highest healing, purpose, and possibility. Make every moment magic.

Personal Journey of Awakening

Angels appear in ways that resonate with our souls and make our consciousness sing. When we are open to their tenderness, we can experience our divinity and know the truth of their guidance through our own awakening.


Auteur Jessica von Braun
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Blue Angel Publishing
SKU 0331-DB601


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