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The Children of Litha tarot

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Children of litha

€ 95,00

Een prachtig geïllustreerde tarotdeck met mythologische wezens en natuurthema’s. Het deck bevat 80 kaarten, handgemaakt door Alexandria Huntington, met unieke symboliek en diepgaande interpretaties. Inclusief luxe doos en boek.

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Design and Artwork

The Children of Litha Tarot by Alexandria Huntington is a richly illustrated deck featuring mythological creatures and nature-based symbolism. Each card is hand-illustrated, showcasing specialized meditation, manifestation, and magick. The deck includes 80 cards: 78 traditional Rider-Waite Tarot reimaginings and 2 original bonus cards, "The All" and "The Void," making a total of 80, a number symbolizing destiny in numerology.

Symbolism and Themes

The deck explores humankind's relationship with nature, influenced by ancient mythologies. The Major Arcana features animal-human hybrids, representing cosmic, karmic, and universal forces. The Aces highlight animal skeletons, symbolizing foundational power. Court cards depict human figures interacting with animals, emphasizing human-animal relationships. Pip cards represent everyday themes and are associated with specific animals in their elemental domains: ocean creatures for Cups, winged beings for Swords, earth animals for Pentacles, and creatures of fang and claw for Wands.

User Experience

The deck offers an immersive experience with its 80 fully illustrated cards, printed on 350gsm cardstock with a matte finish for easy shuffling. The cards measure 2.75”x4.75” and have black edges. The set includes a hard flip box with a magnet for secure closure, full-color printing, and gold foil accents. Additionally, a 180-page book provides descriptions, interpretations, and incantations for each card, fitting inside the box for convenience.

About the Author

Xia Hunt, also known as Alexandria Huntington, is an independent writer and illustrator. With a BFA in Illustration from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Xia has contributed to various projects, including Boom Studio's Beneath the Dark Crystal and Dark Horse's Once Upon A Time Machine. She runs a grassroots tarot and occult lifestyle business with her family. Her works include The Children of Litha Tarot and The Nameless One, along with future projects in the Children of the Wheel Tarot series.

Key Features

  • 80 fully illustrated cards (78 traditional, 2 original)
  • 350gsm cardstock with matte finish
  • Standard tarot size: 2.75”x4.75”
  • Black edges and accents
  • Hard flip box with magnet closure
  • 180-page full-color book with interpretations and incantations


Auteur Alexandria Huntington
ISBN 7141255693586
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
Taal Engels
SKU 0305-942


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