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The Goblin Market Tarot

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The Goblin Market Tarot - John Matthews - Charles Newington - Box

John Matthews

€ 26,95

Verken het duistere en magische faery-rijk met dit unieke tarotdeck van John Matthews, prachtig geïllustreerd door Charles Newington, geïnspireerd door Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market.

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Design and Artwork

The Goblin Market Tarot by John Matthews and illustrated by Charles Newington is an outstanding tarot deck inspired by Christina Rossetti's Victorian poem Goblin Market. This 80-card deck, accompanied by a 176-page guidebook, uniquely explores the whole world of faeries, including their more shadowy aspects. The deck portrays faeries as they truly are: sly, frequently cruel, cleverer than humans, and full of secrets, rather than the whimsical, sweet-natured creatures often depicted in Victorian and New Age imagery.

Symbolism and Themes

This tarot deck brings to life the world of the Goblin Market, a place where all denizens of the Otherworld come to buy, sell, mingle, and exchange gossip. The Major Arcana features a gallery of strange and wonderful creatures, from the Faery Queen to the Wiseman, and motifs from the poem, such as the Secret Way and the Fallen Tree. The Minor Arcana suits represent magical implements, fruits, flowers, and elements, creating an enchanting landscape filled with falling towers, crumbling walls, tangled woods, and more.

User Experience

The Goblin Market Tarot is designed for those who seek a deeper understanding of the faery realm and its complexities. The deck offers wit, wickedness, challenge, uncertainty, wonder, and truth. The accompanying guidebook provides detailed explanations and interpretations, helping users navigate their questions and dilemmas through this haunted, magical world.

About the Authors

John Matthews is a New York Times bestselling author known for his work on divinatory systems based on early spiritual beliefs. His previous works include the Arthurian Tarot, the Wildwood Tarot, the Byzantine Tarot, and The Tarot of Light and Shadow. Charles Newington is an artist whose work has been shown and published worldwide, including creating artwork for Led Zeppelin and the giant White Horse Hill Figure above the Channel Tunnel entrance.

Key Features

  • 80 beautifully illustrated tarot cards exploring the faery realm
  • Accompanied by a 176-page guidebook with detailed explanations and interpretations
  • Major Arcana features unique characters and motifs from Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market
  • Minor Arcana suits represent magical implements, fruits, flowers, and elements
  • Created by John Matthews and illustrated by Charles Newington
  • ISBN: 9781786785541
  • Item weight: 553 grams
  • Dimensions: 100 x 54 x 138 mm


ISBN 9781786785541
Taal Engels
Auteur John Matthews
SKU 0927-DB610


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