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The Light Code Apothecary

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The Light Code Apothecary - Izzy Ivy - Cover

Izzy Ivy

Verwacht November 2024; Ontdek praktische en liefdevolle steun met The Light Code Apothecary. Kaarten met lichtcodes en spirituele wijsheid voor je ascensie.

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Design and Artwork

The Light Code Apothecary features visionary artwork by Izzy Ivy. Each card is embedded with light codes that transmit multidimensional energy, merging cosmic wisdom with earthly existence.

Symbolism and Themes

This oracle deck is divided into five elemental sections: Water (energy clearings), Earth (embodiment exercises), Fire (shadow integration), Air (breathing techniques), and Aether (spiritual wisdom). It guides you through the complexities of human experience and supports your ascension journey.

User Experience

The 70 cards, measuring 85mm x 127mm, are held in an inner card tray with a ribbon. The 336-page full-colour guidebook, measuring 130mm x 174mm, provides detailed insights. Packaged in a hardcover box of 140mm x 184mm x 58mm, this deck is perfect for those seeking practical and spiritual guidance.

About the Author

Izzy Ivy is a visionary artist and spiritual guide. Her work integrates cosmic and earthly wisdom, helping individuals connect with their higher selves and navigate life with grace.

  • 70 cards with multidimensional energy
  • 336-page full-colour guidebook
  • Hardcover box: 140mm x 184mm x 58mm
  • ISBN: 9781922574008
  • Practical tools for energy clearing, embodiment, shadow integration, breathing, and spiritual wisdom
  • Guides you through ascension and transformational times


ISBN 9781922574008
Uitgeverij Blue Angel Publishing
Auteur Izzy Ivy
SKU 00000


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