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The Medieval Feathers Tarot

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The Medieval Feathers Tarot - Alejandro R. Rozan - Text by Jay R. Rivera - Packshot

Alejandro R Rozan

€ 32,06

Verken de droomwereld met Medieval Feathers Tarot. Deze prachtige kaarten bieden diepe inzichten en begeleiden je spirituele reis met middeleeuwse symboliek.

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Design and Artwork

The Medieval Feathers Tarot, created by Alejandro R. Rozán and Jay R. Rivera, features 80 beautifully designed cards with gold-painted edges. Each card blends medieval imagery with bird feather symbolism, creating a rich tapestry of self-reflection and divination. Moreover, the deck's elegant design honors antique predecessors, offering a visually stunning experience.

Symbolism and Themes

This tarot deck delves into the boundaries of time and hidden realities within dreams. It uses layers of symbolism to interpret the Major and Minor Arcana. Furthermore, the Medieval Feathers Tarot guides users through past, present, and future with upright and reverse meanings. Additionally, bonus cards add depth to the reading experience.

User Experience

Designed for both new and experienced readers, the Medieval Feathers Tarot offers deep insights and guidance. The 232-page full-color guidebook provides clear explanations and interpretations. In addition, the hardcover box, with gold-foil embellishments and a ribbon, enhances the user experience, making each reading special.

About the Artist

Alejandro R. Rozán is a Cuban indie artist who is passionate about tarot. His work often revolves around tarot's symbolic mysticism, using techniques like watercolors, gouache, pencil, pen, and digital drawing. The Medieval Feathers Tarot is his debut as a tarot illustrator. Alejandro also illustrated "Les VitrauX, un Tarot al Atardecer," a deck in a stained glass style. Follow Alejandro on Instagram or Facebook for updates on his projects.

About the Author

Jay R. Rivera is a Spanish-American author, empath, medium, and tarot reader based in Texas, USA. He is known for his award-winning debut, Beautiful Creatures Tarot. Jay R. graduated with a BA in Communication Studies and specializes in language translations. He enjoys studying new languages, writing fiction, and advocating for animal welfare and human rights. Learn more about Jay R. on Facebook, Instagram, X, or his website.

  • 80 beautifully designed cards with gold-painted edges
  • 232-page full-color guidebook
  • Gold-foil embellishments on top box and guidebook cover
  • Hardcover box with ribbon and inner tray
  • ISBN: 9781922573896
  • Symbolism blending medieval imagery and bird feathers
  • Includes upright and reverse meanings for deeper insights
  • Created by Alejandro R. Rozán and written by Jay R. Rivera


Auteur Alejandro R Rozan
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Blue Angel Publishing
ISBN 9781922573896
SKU 1469-DB617


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