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The Moonchild Tarot Shadow

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Danielle Noel

€ 64,95

Verken de schaduwzijden van je psyche met dit mystieke tarotdeck voor diepe introspectie en verlichting.

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Design and Artwork

The Moonchild Tarot Shadow by Danielle Noel is a mystical deck that takes the original Moonchild Tarot to new depths. This edition introduces updated visuals with a muted color palette, creating an ancient, whimsical feel. Each card is a portal to mystical touchstones and dreamscapes, celebrating the wisdom teachings of the moon. The deck's design, with its captivating motifs and beautiful imagery, invites users into a journey of shadow work and introspection.

Materials and Presentation

The deck maintains the same two-piece box size as its predecessor but adds a rose-petal finish to both the box and cardstock. The cards are enhanced with matte-metallic gilding, adding an elegant touch to the deck. With 81 cards in total, the Moonchild Tarot Shadow offers a comprehensive tarot experience, rich in symbolism and depth.

Guidebook and Interpretation

Accompanying the deck is a full-length, full-color guidebook filled with tarot spreads, rituals, and detailed descriptions for each card. The guidebook serves as a practical and mystical resource, providing insights into upright and reversed card interpretations, moon rituals, astrological correspondences, and more. It's an accessible introduction to tarot, suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners.

About the Creator

Danielle Noel, the creator of the Moonchild Tarot Shadow, envisioned this deck as a twilight mirror to the brighter original Moonchild Tarot. Her artistic vision captures the essence of ancient portals and shadow work, offering a visual journey into the mysteries of tarot. Noel's work is a blend of whimsical and sacred elements, creating a deck that is both a divination tool and a work of art.

  • Updated Moonchild Tarot with a muted, whimsical color palette and shadow work focus.
  • Rose-petal finish on the box and cardstock with matte-metallic gilding.
  • 81 cards rich in symbolism and mystical motifs.
  • Full-color guidebook with tarot spreads, rituals, and detailed card descriptions.
  • Created by Danielle Noel, blending ancient wisdom with modern tarot practices.


Auteur Danielle Noel
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
SKU 1049-SD06


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