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The Robin Wood Tarot

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The Robin Wood Tarot

De Robin Wood Tarotkaarten boeien met levendige kunst, waardoor Tarot als nooit tevoren tot leven komt. Verken tijdloze symboliek en de energie van de natuur, waardoor elke kaart een dimensionele ervaring wordt.

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Design and Artwork

The Robin Wood Tarot, created by Robin Wood, stands out for its vibrant and enchanting artistry. The 22 Major Arcana cards showcase life in a new light, incorporating natural elements and divine settings. Notably, The High Priestess card features an ageless woman with a lunar headband set against a moonlit, tree-filled background.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck is deeply rooted in nature, bringing a unique energy to the Tarot world. The Minor Arcana, comprising fifty-six cards, vividly brings characters to life, creating a sense of depth and dimension. From carving pentagrams in the eight of Pentacles to a joyous dance in the four of Wands, each card invites engagement and reflection.

User Experience

The deck includes a 56-page booklet, offering a comprehensive guide to Tarot reading, including meanings for each card and various layouts. Its user-friendly approach is ideal for beginners, while its rich symbolism and captivating imagery will appeal to experienced readers. The deck is especially resonant for those with a penchant for nature.

About the Author

Robin Wood, an accomplished artist and writer, has a diverse creative background. From illustrating book and magazine covers to exploring 3D graphics and fiction writing, her journey is marked by adaptability and passion. Her blog and portfolio showcase her expansive work and evolving interests, reflecting her deep connection with the Tarot.

  • Deck Theme: Nature and Paganism
  • Audience: Beginners and experienced Tarot readers
  • Key Features: Vibrant imagery, nature-inspired design, comprehensive guidebook
  • Author's Background: Artist and writer with a focus on Tarot and 3D graphics

Personal Reflection: The Robin Wood Tarot, with its stunning artwork and deep symbolism, has become a favorite. It's not just the beauty of the cards, but how they connect with intuition, making each reading a unique exploration. This deck has proven to be an invaluable tool for both personal and professional readings, continually revealing new insights.


ISBN 9780875428949
SKU 1226-LL27


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