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The Sacred She Tarot

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The Sacred She Tarot - Ma Deva Padma - box

Ma Deva Padma

€ 23,95

Prachtig tarotdeck van Ma Deva Padma, dat oosterse en westerse elementen combineert om spirituele groei en introspectie te begeleiden.

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Design and Artwork

The Sacred She Tarot, created by Ma Deva Padma, is a beautifully wrought tarot deck designed for both seasoned tarot readers and novices. This 78-card deck features a blend of Eastern and Western elements, with vivid and meaningful illustrations that capture the spiritual essence of the feminine yin energy. Each card is crafted to encourage spiritual growth and introspection, reflecting the shift from masculine yang energy to feminine yin energy.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck is centered around the themes of balance, truth, and harmony, drawing upon the rich spiritual traditions of both Eastern and Western cultures. The Sacred She Tarot encapsulates prayers and wisdom designed to awaken inner visions and insights, serving as a conduit for spiritual reflection and self-discovery. The cards are infused with the messages of the universe, guiding users towards personal truth and balance.

User Experience

The Sacred She Tarot is ideal for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey and self-awareness. The deck's clear-eyed descriptions and reflections from world visionaries provide profound guidance, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced tarot readers. Each card offers an artistic and spiritual delight, helping users navigate their life journey with deeper understanding and comfort.

About the Creator: Ma Deva Padma

Ma Deva Padma, born Susan (Bernard) Morgan, is an internationally acclaimed artist known for creating the bestselling Osho Zen Tarot and Tao Oracle decks. Her deep understanding of spiritual transformation and her dedication to the feminine and nature shine through in The Sacred She Tarot. Padma lives and works with her stone-sculpting husband, Ashika, at their Embrace Art Studio in Victoria, Australia.

Key Features

  • 78 beautifully illustrated cards blending Eastern and Western spiritual elements
  • Designed to encourage spiritual growth and introspection
  • Reflects the shift from masculine yang energy to feminine yin energy
  • Suitable for both novice and seasoned tarot readers
  • Created by internationally acclaimed artist Ma Deva Padma
  • ISBN: 9781582708980
  • Item weight: 147 grams
  • Dimensions: 127 x 15 x 197 mm


Uitgeverij Beyond Words Publishing
Auteur Ma Deva Padma
ISBN 9781582708980
Taal Engels
SKU 1799-DB624


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