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The Salvador Dalí Tarot Universal: Gold Edition

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Tarot Universal Dali - Packshot 2

€ 79,75

Een luxe tarotdeck door Salvador Dalí, met 78 prachtig afgewerkte kaarten en een begeleidend boek van Johannes Fiebig.

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Design and Artwork

The Salvador Dalí Tarot Universal: Gold Edition features exquisite cards originally created by Salvador Dalí in 1984. This edition revives the artisanal gold cut that made it famous, presenting 78 tarot cards and a companion book by renowned tarot author Johannes Fiebig. The outer box is covered in burgundy-red velvet with gold lettering, while the inner case is sturdy dark brown with gold lettering, displaying Dalí as The Magician on the cover.

Symbolism and Themes

Dalí’s deck is a blend of classical Western art and his unique surrealist style. The Major Arcana cards bear English titles on top and Spanish titles below, incorporating alchemical symbolism and Hebrew letters. The Minor Arcana follows the traditional suits but with Dalí’s imaginative twists. The deck is rich with symbolism, including planetary and Zodiacal associations that differ from many modern decks.

User Experience

The cards are larger than standard, measuring approximately 76 mm by 127 mm, and have gilt edges with narrow white borders. The card stock is sturdy yet not heavy, and the deck feels luxurious. The companion book offers brief descriptions of the Major Arcana and diagrams for three layouts but lacks detailed card interpretation methods.

About the Author

Salvador Dalí, a world-renowned surrealist artist, created this tarot deck in his later years, possibly inspired by his wife Gala’s fascination with tarot. Johannes Fiebig, a well-known tarot author, provides insightful commentary in the companion book, enhancing the understanding of Dalí’s artistic vision in the tarot context.

Key Features

  • 78 tarot cards with artisanal gold cut
  • Companion book by Johannes Fiebig
  • Bilingual titles on Major Arcana
  • Unique blend of classical art and surrealism
  • Planetary and Zodiacal associations


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