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The Silent Doorkeeper

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Th silent Doorkeeper - Scott Martin - Robert M. Place

Robert M. Place

โ‚ฌ 39,95

Ontdek hoe de Alchemical Tarot inzichten biedt tijdens de pandemie. Scott Martin’s unieke aanpak en diepe symboliek maken dit boek een must-have voor elke tarotliefhebber. Let op: de cover kan lichte schade hebben door transport.

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Design and Artwork

The Silent Doorkeeper: The Alchemical Tarot Shines a Light on Covid-19 by Scott Martin is a 152-page full-color book from Hermes Publications. It explores the wisdom of the Alchemical Tarot in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Born from a mystical vision and years of study, the Alchemical Tarot uses alchemical imagery to unlock inner wisdom. At the pandemic's start, Scott Martin turned to this deck for solace, creating a spiritual journal covering this global crisis.

Symbolism and Themes

Scott Martin's book is a seventy-eight day journey into wisdom and insight. Each day, he draws a card and engages in an intense dialogue with its symbolism. This method relates the cards directly to the current crisis, bringing them to life. The writing is passionate and clear. The book's urgency reflects the life-and-death stakes of its subject.

User Experience

Readers praise The Silent Doorkeeper for its originality and insightful approach. It shows how to answer any question with any card from any deck. This makes it a must-read. The book is both a guide to the Alchemical Tarot and a profound exploration of the human experience during the pandemic. It offers a unique technique applicable to any tarot deck and topic, encouraging deeper understanding and revelation. Please note, due to transport, the cover of this book may have slight imperfections.

About the Author

Scott Martin pursued his fascination with Tarot after retiring from teaching in 2009. A former Theatre Arts teacher and director, he combined his love for theatre with Tarot in his book Bringing the Tarot to Life. This book won "Best Mass Market Book of the Year for Innovation and Insight" by The Tarosophists Association. Martin has facilitated numerous Tarot workshops in New York City and continues to explore and teach Tarot.

  • ISBN: 9780991529988
  • Publisher: Hermes Publications
  • Page Count: 152 pages
  • Full-color book
  • Explores the Alchemical Tarot in the context of Covid-19
  • Unique seventy-eight day journey into wisdom and insight
  • Highly praised for originality and insightful approach
  • Cover may have slight imperfections due to transport


Auteur Robert M. Place
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
ISBN 9780991529988
SKU 1762-RO05


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