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The Tree of Life Oracle

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The Tree of Life Oracle

David Wells

€ 24,95

Ontdek de geheimen van de Kabala met ‘The Tree of Life Oracle’, een 44 kaartendeck door David Wells, geïllustreerd door Roberta Orpwood. Verbind je met de universele wijsheid en het doel van je ziel.

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Design and Artwork

The Tree of Life Oracle deck, illustrated by Roberta Orpwood, presents a stunning visual feast, deeply rooted in the rich symbolism of Qabalah. Each of the 44 cards is a gateway to spiritual wisdom, with Orpwood's artwork beautifully encapsulating the essence of astrology, tarot, and ancient alchemy. The imagery is not just visually appealing but also serves as a tool for understanding complex metaphysical concepts.

Symbolism and Themes

Central to this deck is the Tree of Life, a symbol from the heart of Qabalah, representing the universe's structure and the path to spiritual enlightenment. The cards, including the 11 Sephiroth, 22 Paths, and 11 Elementals and Geometry, plus a reference 'Tree of Life' card, are infused with symbols that guide users on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic understanding.

User Experience

This oracle deck is versatile, suitable for both comprehensive and daily readings. It offers a unique blend of tarot's major arcana, elemental cards, and Qabalah-inspired categories, making it an insightful tool for those familiar with tarot and newcomers alike. The accompanying guidebook, written in accessible language, enhances the learning and divining experience.

About the Author

David Wells, an astrologer and past-life therapist, brings his extensive 25-year study of Qabalah into this creation. His approachable style and deep knowledge make the mystical Qabalah accessible to all. Roberta Orpwood, a visionary artist and illustrator, complements Wells' work with her soulful and empowering artwork.

  • Deck Type: Oracle Deck
  • Number of Cards: 44 + 1 reference card
  • Included Guidebook: Yes
  • Themes: Qabalah, Astrology, Tarot
  • Illustrator: Roberta Orpwood
  • Author: David Wells


Taal undefined
Auteur David Wells
ISBN 9781788178914
Uitgeverij undefined


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