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The Unfolding Path Tarot

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The Unfolding Path Tarot

Athene Noctua

€ 23,95

Ontdek The Unfolding Path Tarot, een kleurrijk 78-kaarten deck met diverse karakters, magische elementen en een bijbehorende gids, gecreëerd door Athene Noctua voor zowel beginners als ervaren tarotlezers.

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Design and Artwork

Discover the vibrant and dynamic universe of The Unfolding Path Tarot, crafted by the talented Athene Noctua. This 78-card deck dazzles with its vivid artwork, showcasing diverse characters and a magical essence tailored for the contemporary enthusiast. Athene Noctua's kaleidoscopic interpretations of the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck invite you on a visual journey unlike any other.

Symbolism and Themes

The Unfolding Path Tarot bridges the mystical with the everyday, featuring a rich tapestry of animals, plants, and a cast of characters that reflect modern diversity. Each tarot suit is highlighted with its own unique color palette, weaving a story of unity across differences in color, size, ability, and age. This deck serves as a mirror to our world, enriched with a layer of enchantment.

User Experience

Designed as a compass for self-discovery, The Unfolding Path Tarot invites users to explore the myriad of paths life offers. The accompanying guidebook provides insightful interpretations and guidance, making it an invaluable tool for both beginners and seasoned tarot readers. It's the perfect blend of magic and realism, guiding users through their own unfolding journeys.

About the Author

Athene Noctua, an artist and creator of various oracle and tarot decks, embraces a deeply meditative creative process as a cornerstone of her spiritual practice. Devoted to serving the Spirit, she crafts divination tools that facilitate a dialogue between the Divine and us. Living on a restored barge in the English countryside, her art draws inspiration from the life energies and natural cycles surrounding her.

  • Stunning 78-card tarot deck with a modern twist
  • Vivid artwork featuring diverse characters and mystical elements
  • Each suit distinguished by a unique color palette
  • Inclusive representation of varying color, size, ability, and age
  • Guidebook included for insightful interpretations and guidance
  • Created by Athene Noctua, inspired by natural energies and cycles
  • ISBN 9781401973148


Auteur Athene Noctua
ISBN 9781401973148
Uitgeverij Hay House Inc


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