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The Way Seekers Tarot

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The Way Seekers Tarot - Anna Jedrziewski - packshot

Anna Jedrziewski

€ 27,95

The Way Seekers Tarot combineert de Marseilles- en Smith-Waite-tradities met Greco-Romeinse mythologie. Bevat 78 kaarten en een 60-pagina gids.

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Design and Artwork

Authored by Anna Jedrziewski, The Way Seekers Tarot marries the classic simplicity of the Marseilles deck with the rich symbolism of the Smith-Waite Tarot. Each of the 78 cards features hand-drawn illustrations, inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, enhanced with vibrant jewel tone accents.

Symbolism and Themes

The Majors and the Court cards in this deck introduce powerful figures from ancient mythology, providing bold new perspectives for tarot enthusiasts. The minor cards maintain a 'pip' style but incorporate images that evoke the Rider-Waite Smith symbolism, blending familiarity with fresh insight.

User Experience

The cards are bordered with a light gray vintage feel and a splash of color that makes each card pop, creating a visually stunning layout during readings. The deck includes a 60-page booklet offering deep insights into each card's traditional associations and practical interpretations.

About the Author

Anna Jedrziewski, a New York-based author and consultant, has been a passionate student of the divination world since her early childhood. Her creations in tarot and oracle decks have captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the globe.

  • Weight: 431 grams
  • ISBN: 9781646711611
  • Language: English
  • Box Dimensions: 131mm x 80mm; Cards Dimensions: 70mm x 121mm


Auteur Anna Jedrziewski
ISBN 9781646711864
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Us Games System
SKU 0876-WAY78


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