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Treasure Hunters

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Treasure Hunters

Greetje Welten

€ 35,00

Ga op schattenjacht met dit kaartspel dat avontuur en ontdekking in elke lezing stimuleert.

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Design and Artwork

"Treasure Hunters" by Greetje Welten & Matty van de Rijzen is a card game featuring two main types of cards. The first, chore cards, are beautifully illustrated with tasks categorized under stimulating and life-affirming themes. The second type, treasure cards, display valuable characteristics, encouraging players to discover and appreciate each other's qualities.

Symbolism and Themes

The game is centered around themes of self-discovery and interpersonal connection. Chore cards offer engaging activities that prompt reflection and positive interaction, while treasure cards focus on recognizing and valuing personal and shared attributes. This thoughtful design fosters deeper understanding and connection among players.

User Experience

Treasure Hunters provides a dynamic and exciting experience, suitable for players of all ages. It is designed to be adaptable, whether played for fun or with specific objectives. As players engage with the game, they will gain insights into themselves and others, enhancing their perception and appreciation of the diverse qualities present in each individual.

About the Authors

Created by Greetje Welten & Matty van de Rijzen, this game reflects their innovative approach to fostering personal growth and social interaction through playful means. Treasure Hunters is an embodiment of their vision to blend fun with meaningful self-reflection and communal understanding.

  • Consists of chore and treasure cards, each with unique themes and characteristics
  • Suitable for a broad range of ages, offering both fun and insightful experiences
  • Designed to enhance self-awareness and interpersonal connections
  • Created by authors Greetje Welten & Matty van de Rijzen, experts in personal growth and social interaction
More Information:

For further details about Treasure Hunters, please visit the official game page.

Video Overview:

To view a video introduction to the game, visit Treasure Hunters Video.


Auteur Greetje Welten
ISBN 9789085082378
Taal undefined
Uitgeverij undefined
SKU 0105-1045


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