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Tree Keepers Oracle

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Tree Keepers Oracle

Angi Sullins

€ 32,95

De Tree Keepers Oracle is een veelzijdige tool voor zelfontdekking en persoonlijke groei. Het helpt je verbinding te maken met de wijsheid en energie van de bomen.

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Design and Artwork

The Tree Keepers Oracle, illustrated by Stephanie Law and authored by Angi Sullins, is a 44-card deck that brings to life the mystical bond between trees and the magical realms. Each card is a portal to the enchanting world of tree lore, with gold gilt edges adding to its magical appeal.

Symbolism and Themes

Rooted in the ancient druidic tradition, this oracle deck explores the sacred relationship between trees and the otherworldly. It delves into the mythology, legends, and folklore surrounding the druid's reverence for trees and their role as guardians of sacred spaces.

User Experience

Accompanied by a 108-page guidebook, the Tree Keepers Oracle offers a journey towards self-realization and discovery. The guidebook, along with the enchanting artwork, captivates and enchants, inviting users to delve deeper into the magical world of trees and their stories.

About the Authors

Angi Sullins, known for her profound decks like Wild Woman Rising and Divine Nature, collaborates with Stephanie Law, whose artwork in the Shadowscapes Tarot is renowned. Their collaboration in this deck is a testament to their deep understanding and passion for mythological storytelling and spiritual exploration.

  • 44 gold gilt-edged cards, each offering a glimpse into the magical world of trees.
  • Lushly illustrated guidebook providing insights and storytelling.
  • Organza drawstring pouch for keeping the deck safe.
  • Artwork that combines enchanting detail with mythological storytelling.

Note on Card Stock: The card stock is flexible and shuffles easily, suitable for riffle shuffling, though the gilded edges may wear over time. The premium paper of the guidebook contrasts with the glossy card stock, highlighting the intricate details of Stephanie Law's artwork.

The Tree Keepers Oracle is not just a deck, but a gateway to a mystical journey, intertwined with nature's lore and ancient druidic traditions.


Auteur Angi Sullins
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Us Games System
ISBN 9781572818200
SKU 1742-TREE44


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