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Universal Folk Oracle

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Universal Folk Oracle

Anita Inverarity

€ 29,95

Universal Folk Oracle introduceert 44 wijze jonge vrouwen, gekleed in rijke kleuren en patronen die de complexiteit van ons innerlijke zelf en de verschillende stadia van onze groei weerspiegelen.

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Design and Artwork

The Universal Folk Oracle, illustrated by Anita Inverarity, is a 44-card oracle deck featuring wise young women adorned in rich colors and patterns. This deck's design reflects the "universal folk" style, emphasizing cultural inclusivity and the unity of the world community. The illustrations, reminiscent of Slavic folk art, are detailed and vibrant, with each card offering a unique visual narrative. The deck's aesthetic carries a distinct hippy vibe, with intricate designs and eclectic flair around the central figures.

Symbolism and Themes

This oracle deck explores the complexities of our inner selves and the various stages of our growth. Each card is associated with a healing crystal, enhancing the deck's use for intuitive inquiries and self-care practices. The wide-eyed, introspective expressions of the characters in the artwork add depth to the deck's themes of mindfulness, meditation, and personal discovery.

User Experience

The deck includes a 68-page illustrated guidebook that provides insights and suggestions for readings, meditations, and daily practices. The guidebook is praised for being uplifting, with soothing illustrations and keywords that aid in interpretation and contemplation. Users have noted the high quality of the card stock and appreciate the deck's ability to soothe and intrigue, inviting deeper exploration of each card's symbolism.

About the Author

Anita Inverarity, a Scottish artist, brings her unique perspective and artistic journey to the creation of the Universal Folk Oracle. After overcoming a long period of illness, Anita's art reflects her personal growth and healing, making this deck a culmination of years of work and reflection. Living in a rural farmhouse that doubles as a studio and gallery, Anita balances her artistic endeavors with curating international art shows and spending time with her family.

  • 44-card oracle deck with illustrations inspired by Slavic folk art
  • Themes of inner growth, unity, and cultural inclusivity
  • Each card associated with a healing crystal
  • Inclusive guidebook with insights for readings and practices
  • Ideal for those seeking a meditative and introspective oracle experience


Auteur Anita Inverarity
Uitgeverij Us Games System
ISBN 9781646710249
Taal Engels
SKU 0646-UF044


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