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Vesper Tarot - Veronica Ciancarini - Box

Veronica Ciancarini

€ 32,50

Verken de magische reis van Vespertiliu met de Vesper Tarot. Prachtige zwart-wit illustraties en een uniek verhaal maken dit deck perfect voor zowel beginners als ervaren lezers.

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Design and Artwork

The Vesper Tarot by Veronica Ciancarini introduces the story of Vespertiliu, a half-human, half-bat protagonist who embarks on an incredible adventure with Magician, a little sorceress. This limited edition deck, part of the Horizons line by Lo Scarabeo, features 78 cards with stunning black-and-white artwork. The cards, measuring 65 x 118 mm, showcase original pencil-style linework that provides a unique reading experience.

Symbolism and Themes

The Vesper Tarot offers a fresh narrative approach to the traditional tarot deck. It follows Vespertiliu on her magical journey through the Arcana, guided by Magician. This exclusive narrative deck combines storytelling with divination, making each card a part of Vespertiliu's adventure. The striking black-and-white illustrations enhance the mystical and enchanting atmosphere of the deck.

User Experience

Designed for both beginners and experienced tarot readers, the Vesper Tarot provides an engaging and immersive experience. The deck includes 78 beautifully illustrated cards and multilingual instructions. The limited edition of 4,000 copies ensures exclusivity. With a compact size and high-quality printing, this deck offers durability and ease of use.

About the Author

Veronica Ciancarini, also known as Vespertiliu, is a comic artist, illustrator, and content creator. She has a degree in set design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Veronica is known for her graphic novel *Bleeding Mariachi* and as the illustrator of *IL GROSSO*. She is also the creator of the webcomic "Nundead." Her fascination with bats and spooky themes, combined with a pastel twist, defines her unique artistic style.

  • 78 cards, 65 x 118 mm
  • Black-and-white artwork with pencil-style linework
  • Includes multilingual instructions
  • Limited edition of 4,000 copies
  • ISBN: 9780738778686
  • Item weight: 340 g


Uitgeverij Lo Scarabeo
Taal Meertalig
ISBN 9780738778686
Auteur Veronica Ciancarini
SKU 0887-SP20


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