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Astro Cards

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Astro Cards

€ 24,95

Een deck dat de kosmische invloeden van astrologie in kaart brengt voor dagelijks gebruik en leiding.

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Design and Artwork

Tanja Brock, a visionary artist and astrologer, brings her deep understanding of the cosmos to life in the "Astro Cards." This deck of 43 cards is a visual journey through astrological signs, planets, and celestial phenomena. Each card is thoughtfully designed with vibrant colors and symbolic imagery that reflect the complexities and beauty of astrology. The artwork is not only visually striking but also educational, offering users a unique way to engage with astrological concepts.

Symbolism and Themes

The "Astro Cards" delve into the rich tapestry of astrology, providing insights into celestial influences and personal traits associated with different astrological elements. The deck covers a wide range of astrological symbols, including zodiac signs, planets, houses, and aspects, making it an extensive tool for exploration and reflection. The themes of self-discovery, cosmic connection, and personal growth are prevalent throughout the deck, encouraging users to explore their relationship with the universe.

About the Author: Tanja Brock

Tanja Brock is an artist and astrologer whose work is deeply influenced by her fascination with the cosmos and its impact on our lives. Her expertise in astrology shines through in the "Astro Cards," as she meticulously integrates astrological knowledge with artistic expression. The deck is a culmination of her years of study and practice, making it not only a tool for divination but also an expression of her passion for the stars and planets.

User Experience

The "Astro Cards" come with a comprehensive 160-page booklet, written by Tanja Brock, which guides users through the meanings and interpretations of each card. The booklet also includes insights into astrology basics, making the deck accessible to those new to astrology while still offering depth for seasoned enthusiasts. The cards are crafted for ease of use, with a focus on durability and comfortable handling.

Key Features:

  • Author: Tanja Brock, an experienced astrologer and artist.
  • Number of Cards: 43 beautifully illustrated astrology-themed cards.
  • Art Style: Rich, vibrant, and symbolic, reflecting astrological concepts.
  • Themes: Astrology, self-discovery, cosmic influence, personal growth.
  • Target Audience: Suitable for beginners and experienced astrology enthusiasts.
  • Companion Booklet: A detailed 160-page guide on astrology and card meanings.
  • Quality: Durable and user-friendly card design for regular use.
  • Educational Value: Offers a visually engaging way to learn about astrology.


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