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Flower of Life Cards

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Flower of Life Cards

Denise Jarvie

€ 20,95

Maak een reis met Astar, een wijze, liefdevolle energetische bewustzijn dat dit deck doordrenkt met ongelooflijke wijsheid en inzichten om je te helpen je ware schoonheid en waarde te herinneren.

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Design and Artwork

The Flower of Life Cards, created by Denise Jarvie, are an exquisite deck that blends aesthetic beauty with spiritual insight. Each card features the Flower of Life symbol, a powerful and creative emblem that represents infinite divine potential. The deck’s imagery is designed to be uplifting and clarifying, with beautiful photographs on the front and insightful wisdom on the reverse. The artwork in these cards aims to connect users to their inner potential and the essence of their desires.

Symbolism and Themes

Central to this deck is the Flower of Life symbol, known for containing the seed of all possibilities. The cards are infused with the energy of Astar, a wise and loving consciousness, guiding users on a journey of self-discovery and realization. The deck’s themes revolve around awakening the soul's vision, self-healing, and embracing one's uniqueness to positively impact the world.

User Experience

These cards are suitable for a wide range of practices, including daily meditations, personal searches, and spiritual guidance. Users find the cards to be both spiritually uplifting and practical for everyday guidance. The wisdom shared in the cards is rooted in deep spiritual teachings, resonating with users looking for profound answers and insight.

About the Author

Denise Jarvie is a coach, mentor, and author deeply invested in supporting individuals in reconnecting with and rejuvenating their inner world. Her background in meditation, metaphysics, psychology, and healing, coupled with her own journey through anxiety and depression, informs her compassionate approach to empowerment and personal growth. Jarvie’s work reflects her commitment to helping others discover and awaken their soul's vision.

  • Beautiful and spiritual deck featuring the Flower of Life
  • Guidance and insight from the loving consciousness of Astar
  • Ideal for meditation, personal growth, and spiritual exploration
  • Authored by a dedicated mentor and coach in spiritual awakening


Auteur Denise Jarvie
ISBN 9781922161260
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Blue Angel Publishing
SKU 1597-DB040


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