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Mirra Visions

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Mirra Visions

James R. Eads

€ 85,00

James R. Eads’ Mirra Visions combineert Prisma Visions en Cosma Visions in een lenticulair tarotdeck, met dynamische, veranderende beelden. Het symboliseert verbondenheid en moedigt diepe interpretatie aan.

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Design and Artwork

Introducing Mirra Visions: Lenticular Tarot and Oracle Deck by James R. Eads. This groundbreaking 78-card deck merges the beloved Prisma Visions and Cosma Visions decks into a singular, transformative experience. Each card utilizes innovative lenticular design, shifting between two images to reveal a third, ethereal vision. With 161 Lenses Per Inch, the lenticular printing brings each card to life, offering a dynamic viewing experience. The standard 2.75" x 4.75" size ensures familiar ease of handling and shuffling, all housed in a holographic rainbow foil box.

James R. Eads' Mirra Visions merges two decks into a special tarot deck with moving images. It's about connecting and understanding deeper meanings.

Symbolism and Themes

Mirra Visions explores dual imagery, symbolizing the interconnectedness of past lives and alternate perspectives within the tarot major and minor arcana. The lenticular technology creates a third, mystical image representing the convergence of two viewpoints. This symbolism invites users to delve into deeper meanings and insights, encouraging a unique interpretive experience with each reading.

User Experience

The Mirra Visions deck enhances the tarot reading experience with its tactile and visual aspects. The card thickness mirrors that of the Prisma and Cosma Visions decks, providing a comfortable, familiar feel during use. The larger box design accommodates a comprehensive guidebook and divides the deck into two stacks for ease of use. The detailed booklet offers insightful interpretations, including newly written upright and reversed meanings for the merged cards.

Key Features

  • Innovative Lenticular Design: 78 cards featuring dynamic, shifting imagery with a magical third image revealed through perspective
  • Artistic Integrity: Meticulously crafted by James R. Eads, with a cohesive design across the deck
  • Unique Box Design: Holographic rainbow foil and UV varnishing create an iridescent housing for the cards
  • Comprehensive Guidebook: A rewritten booklet providing detailed interpretations, including new meanings for the merged imagery
  • Creator's Commitment: A culmination of years of exploration in art and tarot, reflecting Eads' dedication to innovation and depth in divination tools

About the Author

James R. Eads, born in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA, is a visionary artist known for his printmaking, painting, and graphic design. He has created gig posters for bands like Phish, Dave Matthews, The Foo Fighters, and Jerry Garcia, and events like Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. James founded Prisma Visions in 2014, creating nearly a dozen divination tools since. He pioneered painting in virtual reality with Tilt Brush and founded Eads Bros. with his brother Sean, developing their first video game. James runs an art studio in downtown Los Angeles, offering a hub for creatives and the flagship location of Prisma Visions.

James R. Eads' Mirra Visions merges two decks into a special tarot deck with moving images. It's about connecting and understanding deeper meanings.



Auteur James R. Eads
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
Taal undefined
SKU 1873-JA02


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