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The Botan Tarot Deck

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The Botan Tarot Deck

Addi Miyako

Weelderig en grillig 78-kaarten tarotdeck met aquarelillustraties, geïnspireerd door Art Nouveau en Japanse folklore. De tweede editie komt binnenkort!

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Design and Artwork

The Botan Tarot is a lush and whimsical 78-card tarot deck illustrated in watercolor by Addi Miyako. Inspired by Art Nouveau and Japanese folklore, this deck features beautiful Japanese indigo edging, adding a touch of elegance to each card.

Symbolism and Themes

“Botan” means “peony” in Japanese, symbolizing bravery and prominently featured on the card backs and several other cards. The deck incorporates Japanese flower language and various botanical imagery, paying tribute to the artist's cultural heritage and childhood memories. The Major Arcana, painted in 2017, showcases contemporary designs with influences from Art Nouveau and family history, while the Minor Arcana, painted in 2019, draws inspiration from Japanese folktales, symbolizing elements, plants, and animals.

User Experience

This 78-card deck comes with a full-color guide booklet offering simple interpretations for each card. It is packaged in a beautiful drawer box with a gold ribbon, enhancing the unboxing experience. The ribbon can be reused or fixed permanently with glue. Additionally, an anthology zine is available separately, providing an in-depth look at the imagery, cultural references, and short stories within the Minor Arcana.

About the Author

Addi Miyako, the creator of The Botan Tarot, brings her rich cultural heritage and personal experiences to life through her artwork. Painting the deck entirely in her grandmother’s dining room, she infuses each card with the spirit of Japanese folklore and family memories. Her work combines contemporary aesthetics with traditional symbolism, making her tarot deck a unique blend of past and present.

Key Features

  • 78 lush, whimsical watercolor tarot cards
  • Inspired by Art Nouveau and Japanese folklore
  • Japanese indigo edging
  • Full-color guide booklet with simple interpretations
  • Beautiful drawer box with gold ribbon
  • Separate anthology zine available for deeper insights


Auteur Addi Miyako
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
Taal Engels
SKU 0284-666


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