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The Secret Language of Darkness

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The Secret Language of darkness - Denise Jarvie - Cover

Denise Jarvie

Verwacht November 2024; Ontdek jezelf met The Secret Language of Darkness. Kaarten die je diepste schaduwen onthullen en leiden naar heelheid en heling.

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Design and Artwork

The Secret Language of Darkness features mesmerizing artwork by Daniel B. Holeman. Each card's imagery shines a light on your deepest shadows, aiding in your journey towards wholeness and healing.

Symbolism and Themes

This oracle deck delves into the shadow aspects of your personality, uncovering hidden messages and beliefs that hold you back. Through shadow mastery classes and insightful card messages, it guides you to embrace and integrate repressed aspects of yourself.

User Experience

The deck includes 45 cards and a 216-page full-colour guidebook, all packaged in a durable hardcover box measuring 125mm x 170mm x 38.2mm. Ideal for those seeking self-discovery and shadow work.

About the Author

Denise Jarvie is a renowned spiritual teacher and author specializing in shadow work and personal transformation. Her teachings focus on guiding individuals to embrace their authentic selves and achieve liberation through self-awareness.

  • 45 cards with transformative artwork
  • 216-page full-colour guidebook
  • Hardcover box: 125mm x 170mm x 38.2mm
  • ISBN: 9781922574169
  • Guides you through shadow work and self-discovery
  • Unlock hidden messages and beliefs


Uitgeverij Blue Sky Ranch Publishing
Auteur Denise Jarvie
ISBN 9781922574169
SKU 0000


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