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Wayhome Tarot

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Wayhome Tarot

Autumn Whitehurst

€ 60,00

Reis door een wereld van symboliek en ontdek je eigen weg naar huis met dit tarotdeck vol diepgang en inzicht.

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Design and Inspiration

The Wayhome Tarot, created by Bakara Wintner and Autumn Whitehurst, is a 78-card deck with each card meticulously illustrated to embody various archetypes. The collaboration between Wintner and Whitehurst, which began in a Brooklyn dog park, combines their mutual Scorpio passion for esotericism and the occult, and belief in cartomancy.

Artistic Process and Vision

The deck's creation involved a detailed, card-by-card review in Whitehurst's Gowanus studio, striving to find the perfect visual representation for each tarot archetype. Their combined efforts – Whitehurst's mature classic aesthetic and Wintner’s youthful exuberance – led to a deck that is both luminous and profound, reimagining the magic in everyday life.

Experience and Accessibility

Wayhome Tarot is designed to be user-friendly, suitable for all levels of tarot experience. The deck radiates a surprisingly sunny disposition for its depth, making the mystical accessible and relatable through its enchanting imagery of everyday objects.

Collaborative Journey

The creation of this deck was a transformative collaborative effort involving artists, designers, and technologists. Immersed in the Catskill mountains, the team delved deep into their psyches, resulting in a deck that is a testament to collective divination and creative experimentation.

About the Creators

Bakara Wintner and Autumn Whitehurst, both with a profound connection to tarot, bring their unique perspectives and experiences to this project. Their journey through the creation of the Wayhome Tarot reflects their commitment to the rich tradition of tarot and its role in understanding ourselves and the world.

  • Creators: Bakara Wintner and Autumn Whitehurst.
  • Contents: 78-card deck.
  • Themes: Everyday magic, self-discovery, and esoteric wisdom.
  • No accompanying guidebook.

The Wayhome Tarot is not just a tarot deck; it's a bridge between the mystical and the mundane, inviting users on a journey to find magic in the ordinary and discover their own path home.


Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
Auteur Autumn Whitehurst
SKU 0855-FA215


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