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Words for humanity affirmation

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Words for humanity affirmation

€ 16,95

Words For Humanity Affirmation Cards door Linet Amalie bieden 50 positieve affirmaties in een magnetisch doosje voor dagelijkse inspiratie.

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Design and Artwork

Words For Humanity Affirmation Cards by Linet Amalie are presented in a tastefully designed magnetised, pocket-sized keepsake box. This set features 50 channeled positive affirmations, each card crafted to inspire and encourage individuals through life's various stages.

Symbolism and Themes

The affirmations within these cards are aimed at providing support, guidance, and a source of encouragement for daily life or moments when extra assistance is needed. They embody messages of wisdom, kindness, compassion, and empathy.

User Experience

Designed for easy daily use, these cards offer a straightforward method for integrating positive affirmations into one's routine. Whether used as a daily source of inspiration or in moments of need, they serve as a personal guide and motivational tool.

About the Author

With over 30 years of experience in the health, healing, and therapy industry, Dr. Linet Amalie uses her deep connection with her guides to channel these powerful messages. Her expertise and compassionate approach make these cards a meaningful resource for personal growth and healing.

  • Set of 50 affirmations in a magnetised keepsake box
  • Channeled positive messages for encouragement
  • Designed for daily inspiration and support
  • Created by Dr. Linet Amalie, with over 30 years of experience
  • Emphasizes kindness, compassion, and empathy


Auteur undefined
ISBN 9780648650836
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Animal Dreaming Publishing
SKU 1737-DB150


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