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Magic Mandala Coloring Book

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Magic Mandala Coloring Book

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Magic Mandala van Lindy Longhurst combineert 44 speelse afbeeldingen met thema’s als chakra’s, astrologie en tarot voor kleuring en reflectie. Softcover met goud-folie belettering

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Design and Artwork

"Magic Mandala" by Lindy Longhurst combines 44 whimsical images with themes of chakras, astrology, and tarot for coloring and reflection. Softcover with gold-foil lettering.

Symbolism and Themes

Every page of this coloring book is a gateway to the wisdom and symbolism of ancient and natural lore. The detailed artwork interweaves the profound insights of chakras, the mystique of astrology, the archetypal guidance of tarot, the enchantment of fairy tales, and the delicate essence of Australian wildflowers, offering a rich tapestry of themes for personal exploration and reflection.

User Experience

"Magic Mandala" provides a unique canvas for relaxation, reflection, and creativity. Whether you start from the center, work in from the edges, or jump between the magical aspects, these mandalas are designed to foster a sense of harmony and insight. With 44 coloring pages and gold-foil lettering on a softcover jacket, this book measures approximately 23 x 23 x 1 cm, offering a tangible and interactive experience of joy and synergy.

About the Author

Lindy Longhurst is a visionary artist whose work embodies a spirit of playfulness and depth. With "Magic Mandala," she offers a collection that merges the wisdom of traditional symbols with the vibrant energy of personal expression. Her intricate designs are not only an artistic endeavor but also a medium for meditation and self-discovery.

  • 44 whimsical coloring pages for a journey of self-discovery
  • Themes include chakras, astrology, tarot, fairy tales, and Australian wildflowers
  • Gold-foil lettering on the softcover jacket enhances its beauty
  • Book dimensions: 23 x 23 x 1 cm, perfect for mindful coloring sessions
  • Designed to inspire relaxation, creativity, and a deeper connection with your inner world


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