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The Oracle Creator

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The Oracle Creator

Steven Bright

€ 18,82

The Oracle Creator van Steven Bright is een unieke en innovatieve tool voor het creëren van gepersonaliseerde orakels en divinatie decks. Met zijn intuïtieve software en hoogwaardige printopties is dit product perfect voor tarotliefhebbers, kunstenaars en makers.

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Design and Artwork

"The Oracle Creator" by Steven Bright is not just a guide but a visually engaging journey into the world of oracle and tarot deck creation. While the book may not focus on design and artwork in the traditional sense, it offers a wealth of information on how to conceptualize and visualize your own deck, emphasizing the importance of personal aesthetic and thematic choices in the creation process.

Content and Themes

Steven Bright meticulously covers the evolution of divination and its contemporary relevance, guiding readers through the thematic considerations and symbolic nuances essential in designing a tarot or oracle deck. The book is a treasure trove of insights on how to infuse your deck with personal meaning, blending traditional and modern symbolism.

About the Author

Steven Bright, with his extensive background in tarot and spirituality, brings invaluable experience to this guide. His expertise as an author, mentor, and speaker shines through, making this book a credible and informative resource for aspiring deck creators. Bright's deep understanding of divination adds depth and authenticity to the guidance he offers.

  • Insightful guide to creating your own tarot or oracle deck
  • Explores the evolution of divination and modern deck creation
  • Offers practical advice on design, symbolism, and thematic choices
  • Ideal for both beginners and experienced creators
  • Authored by tarot expert and spiritual mentor Steven Bright


Auteur Steven Bright
ISBN 9781912634354
Uitgeverij Liminal 11
Taal Engels
SKU 1969-TA03


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